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Most frequent questions and answers

Wevelabels Business is an all-in-one innovative solution for modern business, offering timely virtual and physical corporate card issuance platform.

Business card immediately once the card is issued — no need to wait until the physical card’s delivery. Enjoy complete functionality in the app: top up the balance on the fly, make online purchases, and connect the card to Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and other contactless payment systems.

A virtual card is a convenient alternative to a classic payment card with no physical carrier and is designed to conduct secure online payments. Within the frames of the Wevelabels program, there are single-use cards for one-time payments and chargeable cards for multiple uses. The cards are issued on the fly, providing all card details required. They can be connected to contactless payment systems, such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, etc., also being a perfect solution for online media purchasing.
You can top up the account balance using IBAN details. Make a transfer from any bank operating in the European Economic Area and Great Britain or Virtual Payment like Crypto, PayPal, PM, WMZ, Skrill etc.
Wevelabels Business cards belong to the Visa Business class and are accepted in all the countries supporting the international VISA payment system. They are suitable for making payments via card terminals, online purchases, and ATM cash withdrawals.
The card account is opened in euros; however, you can make payments in any currency. The conversion is conducted automatically based on the actual exchange rate of the payment system.
Sure. If you want to change your tariff plan, simply log into your account and select the most convenient package in the “Tariff plans” section. In case of any questions or doubts, kindly contact our online support.

Yes , You can link wevelabels card to any payments system like PayPal , Venmo, Google, Apple Pay or can use for subscription like Amazon , Microsoft , Netflix etc.

Card issuing fees is 5$

Monthly fees 2$

Top up fees 9% + Gateway fees