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Gift & Reward Cards

💡 Let’s look at the problems you can avoid thanks to Wevelabels solutions 🟢

Problem: Standard gift cards with limited features

Gift cards are typically utilized as a present, or as a postponed purchase, allowing customers to purchase your brand’s products or use your company’s services later. However, standard gift cards are usually tied to a specific location (a shopping mall, for instance), meaning that you cannot use them to pay at conventional payment terminals and other e-commerce venues. Such restrictions create a significant inconvenience for customers.

Solution: Multi-purpose gift cards of your own

With Wevelabels, you can issue your VISA Gift Cards linked to a specific MCC (Merchant Category Code) or country, with the ability to set required amounts and limits. Your gift cards can be used both at standard POS-terminals and for online shopping. Wallester’s solution will allow you to easily integrate your gift card program with any e-commerce site, eliminating the need for special software development.

Virtual cards

Provide borrowers with instant access to their credit limit. Offer immediately issued virtual cards that can be connected to Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay mobile payment systems, as well as used to pay for online purchases.


All types of payment cards can be tokenized, allowing you to connect them to Apple Pay, Google Pay, Fitbit Pay, Garmin Pay, or Samsung Pay mobile payment systems, ensuring secure and convenient transactions.

Optional Plastic Card

Providing your virtual cards, you can offer them a plastic card. Your customers will get instant access to credit funds via a virtual card, whereas the plastic card will be delivered later.